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Pls advice me

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    Hi all,,

    I am having a course on general chemistry next semester and the following topics are included into the course ,,so i need if you guys can pls advice me for some good book to cover the following topics:

    Chemistry, man and matter, Experimental methods of structure determination, Systems at finite temperature, Molecular reaction dynamics, Chemistry of Molecules, Principles and applications of Transition Metal ion chemistry, Organometallic chemistry, I8-electron rule, simple ligands such as CO, ethylene, triphenyl phosphine etc.,’ Homogeneous catalysis, Green chemistry, Structures of organic molecules. Conformations of ethane, butane, cyclohexane and monosaccharides such as glucose and fructose. Anomeric effect. E and Z configurations (inter coversions between E and Z). Optical activity, R and S (in brief), importance of optical activity in drug synthesis and biological activity, Synthesis of organic molecules, Photochemistry of organic and biomolecules, Chemistry of life processes, Biotechnology and Biomedical applications.

    I will hihgly appreciate yours effort and thanx for devoting yours time..
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    Most of the introductions for each of the topics you mentioned are included in a standard G. Chemistry text. The rest seem to pertain to organic chemistry...usually G. Chem text (from what I remember) do not go so far as to mention chirality and organometallic chemistry. Are you sure this is for a general chemistry course?
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    Actually this is a course Course of chemistry and i am basically computer science Major...so this is the only theoritical course of chemistry i will in my full degree except of practicals in chemistry ,,so what i think is that they have plugged some imp. topics together....i can't say whether this is general or organic...
    I just need to study these topics...

    what can be good books .....i saw one Raymond Chang prescribed by you...thats a very nice book and i liked it very much but that is for Physical chemistry..
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    I imagine that the you not going to go too much into detail for the topics which you mentioned. In that case, I would suggest obtaining a good introduction for each topic by reviewing an organic chemistry text. You'll find introductions to such subjects you mentioned within the text. If you were to obtain a standard organometallic chemistry text, it might go too much into detail. Usually you would need to soley take a general chemistry course for introductions...where did you get the list of topics? Where are you located at the moment (USA?)
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    I am not in USA .I am in India and i easily able to find any book you will say in my library ,,worst case can be that is a single copy..
    List of Topics were in the syllabus..
    http://www.iitk.ac.in/doaa/courses/Chemistry.pdf [Broken]
    Course name is CHM201N-General Chemistry...
    Although its an Indian College it runs parallel to American Institutes...Same strategies followed here..
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    umm Get P.W. Atkins, Solomon, Pine, J. March
    waise kafi muggai ho rahe hai
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    If it is really a standard general chemistry course...that is an introductory course with no calculus or higher math required, then I would imagine that the most you'll need in addition to the text I suggested is a standard org. chem. text, such as the one himanshu121 described. If you need more information for a particular topic then feel free to ask here, but most of the introductory courses here span general chemistry and organic chemistry. Inorganic chemistry is considered a higher level course....the terminologies may differ though.

    The two texts I mentioned should cover the introductions to each of the subjects you mentioned. If India emphasizes additional importance on some other topics, then you probably won't find it in either of the texts, but will have to research for it by other means.
  9. Jun 16, 2005 #8
    sahi mein saale
    yeh i think physical ki hain
    yahan par yahi follow hoti hain kya
  10. Jun 16, 2005 #9
    Physical ke hai :: PW Atkins aur
    Organic ke hai :: Pine, Solomon, J.March, P. Sykes
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    abey yaar itni saari organic ki,,kaun si lu
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