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Pls guide for becoming a scientist

  1. Feb 16, 2012 #1
    Im a 11th std student. i want to become a scientist but i dont know wat path i shud follow.what should i do after 12th? ive taken PCM group .im intrested a bit more in chem than physics.pls reply in a simple way the steps i shud follow.
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    First, What is a Scientist?

    Very BROAD. Difficult to answer. There is no single path, and many exceptions. Depends on the field, and so on.

    Rule of Thumb is College Degree -> Postgraduate Degree <-> Research Degree

    Research <-> Publications

    Jobs (depends) -> Academia <-> Industry. Research Centers also exist and environment varies to somewhere between Academia and Industry.
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    For one, learn to write in a far clearer manner. No one gets anywhere with that kind of writing.
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    Hi suv1, the kind of "text speak" you are using is not acceptable for forums like this. We're mostly old dudes who just don't know the language! I know it has advantages in concision, and physicists admire concision, but here you have to make concessions to those who aren't fluent in your concise language.
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    You're in high school?? Try to take as many math/physics/chemistry/biology as you can.
    Afterwards you can apply to university for a major that interests you. If you're interesting in chemistry, then you can major in chemistry or chemical engineering or something else.
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