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Pls help me with my poem (be nice ok)

  1. Jul 22, 2011 #1
    ok i need to warn you people im stupid..i really cant do math, i cant do long division. i just feel all cold and clammy and my brain shuts off. i dont know why.
    anyway a few years ago i met this really brilliant guy. hes an engineer, aerospace or something like that. we really like each other and stuff. i think he knows math isnt my "forte" but he doesnt know how really dumb and stupid i am with it. of course, i dont show it. i havent managed to perform fractions or long divisions for him. it makes me really nervous when he talks about it cause i dont know what to say. anyway i have a degree myself but im on the medical field and we werent that focused in maths anyway (thank GOD). if i wasnt so stupid i'd be a doctor though :( this is the only problem in my life that i havent managed to solve. i have a great social life and i never had trouble forming or keeping relationships (platonic or romantic).

    ok enough w/ the pity party. so i was making this poem for him (cause he said he liked my other ones and i really dont know how else to impress him w/ my mind/intellect (or lack thereof)) so here it goes..on the first stanza:

    so if you really insist being my theorem, and i your corollary
    please just tell everyone that im your one and only!

    (does this sound funny? )

    im kinda scared cause i dont want him to start suspecting that im really stupid.: (
    i really like him a lot lottt..



    p.s. just writing here makes my hands feel cold and clammy
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    I would say it needs a little tweaking still, but I'm sure he would appreciate that you are trying to write a poem about math for him. That's very sweet.
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    Not entirely sure why he would be talking about long division or fractions, anyways....
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    Really! Why talk about fractions and long division when one could talk about quaternions. Heck, William was so excited about quaternions that he carved them into the stones on a bridge while on a romantic moonlit walk with his wife.

    Admittedly, their marriage probably wasn't the greatest. In fact, he usually described his wife to others as "not at all brilliant". But at least he was able to complete a paper on "Theory on Systems of Rays" during his honeymoon.

    But, to get back on topic, if you could get the phrase, "i^2 = j^2 = k^2 = ijk = -1", into your poem somehow, I think it would be a real hit. I realize that phrase doesn't have the greatest romantic history, but that has to be an aberration, as that phrase just has to work - I just don't see how it couldn't!
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    Morninglover1, why do you think he will find you stupid simply because you are not excellent at math? Heck, I'd have to pop open a dictionary to understand some of the words in your poem, so does that make me stupid? Also, if you're talking about long division during your dates or conversations I think I might be worried for you unless both of you were Math teachers!
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