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Homework Help: Pls help

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    Hi, I'm new to these fourms, but it looks like i will be using if alot :smile:
    Here are the questions;
    1.A hicker walks 10km[S30W] and 12Km[N80E}. Find how far he is from the start point.
    2.A hicker walks [N30w] and then goes 6Km [W]. How far is the hicher from the start point.
    Thank you ( in advance) for your help, i really dont know how to solve these problems.:confused:

    and how do i change my arvatar????
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    Would have to use the displacement formula for that. Subtract initial position from final. He moves along a straight line. SW to NE
    Since he does not move along a straight line, would have to use vectors to solve for this. I guess you could use the Pythagorean Theorem and slove for the third side of the triangle and that would be the displacement.

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