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Plsss heLp Me tO sOLve this problem

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    1) 7 integrable combination and the function of w/c they are exact differentiate

    2) *dy/dx-y/x = 2lnx

    3) *dy/dx-ytanx = 1-(x+5)tanx
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    I have no idea what you mean in the first case, as for the other two I'm pretty sure they can both be solved by an integrating factor.
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    ahh i c....but i always find difficulty on the D.E( differential equation) because i dont have enough ree. / books.. actually a im a poor students w/c dont have enough knowledge about thid topic. BSED-math is my course but unfortunately my subject in D.E is modular( self study). we dont have a class session, they only given us an assignment. thats why i always encountered some difficulty in this topic.
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