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Homework Help: Plsss help with Different equations (SOS)

  1. Jun 11, 2007 #1
    In the process of preserving food, cane sugar is broken down(called the process of inversion) into 2 simpler sugars: glucose and fructose. In dilute solutions, The inversion rate is proportional to the concentration y(t) of unaltered sugar. If the concentrations 1/50 @ t=0 and 1/200 after 3 hrs, Find the concentrations of unaltered sugar after 6 hrs and after 12hrs.
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    Think of this problem as a typical half-life scenario. You can either solve it directly with the equations descriptive of half-life, or better yet, you can set up the relationship describing such a process and solve the differential equation.

    Hint: the differential equation will be a linear, first order, separable equation.

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    can u be more specific plssssss.
    Im totally blind on this problem.
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    Ok. I will set up the relationship for you and leave the actual solving for you.

    Please see the attached Word document for the procedure.

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    The attachment does not show enough detail to be considered posting a solution, so I approved it. Thanks for being careful to provide tutorial help only, CaptainZappo.
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