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Plumbing help

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    So the toilet in my parents bedroom is all hissing and annoying so I decided to try fix it for them.

    I bought a new cistern valve to replace the old one, when I removed the old one i noticed this thing circled in the attached pic.

    I'm not sure what it is used for except it prevents the sealing washer from making contact with the wall of the water closet, so now the toilet starts to leak with the new valve installed :(
    I think it is also blocking the flow of water because when the new cistern is installed, the water closet fills up very slowly (even when taking the leakage into account)

    so, should I remove this thing? if so what is the best way to do it?

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    Did you keep the old part you could try putting it back in to see what happens. Generally people don't just add parts to machines that don't do something so I would say if it was in before it should probably stay in. I see people remove parts from stuff without understanding what they do all the time at my work and it rarely makes things better.
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    I've replaced the innards of one or two toilets, and nothing in that picture looks familiar to me. What part of the world are we talking about here?
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    good point, but the old parts don't make contact with the thing I circled, so it is really difficult to tell ><

    New Zealand, in southern pacific ocean
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    That's suitably remote for me to suspect there's a different way of plumbing toilets there, or, that it's some very old system, or something.

    Easiest thing to do is go back and ask at the store you bought it. Here the people who sell to do-it-yourselfers usually know a lot about how it works.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It's hard to tell for sure by looking at your photo, that but looks like it might be part of a nylon compression fitting. It so, that would imply that you are missing at least one part - a collar that slips down over the fitting to secure the pipe connection. Is the piece below that threaded on the outside?

    It's leaking water from this point?
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    Wow you guys know a lot of toilets! Use an axe and swing with full force should cut it or call a plumber before you destroy the toilet and turn it into a fountain.
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