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Plumbing Troubles

  1. Oct 13, 2011 #1
    So, this is my first time in a dorm. Here's a breakdown of what's happened. I'm just looking for some opinions/venting.

    August - Toilet works fine
    Two weeks ago - Toilet won't stop flushing (As I'm a guy, I like it this way)
    Two days ago - Notify maintenance about toilet (I felt bad about wasting the water)
    Yesterday - Maintenance guy fixes toilet
    Yesterday evening - Notice that the toilet is leaking, think "no big deal" since it's in a wet-room, and notify maintenance
    This morning - Discover that there's also a leak in my dorm/bathroom wall. Toilet water is everywhere
    Later this morning - Maintenance arrives, replaces toilet with a smaller toilet, and leaves
    This evening - Realize that my new toilet won't flush

    Thus confirming that the universe runs on irony.
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    Thsi sort of thing is quite normal.

    Look at it from the maintenance guy's point of view. If there are no problems that need fixing, he will lose his job. Therefore....
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    this happens often?
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    Likely this was due to the gasket around the flapper valve, which usually costs ~$1.50 at Lowes and can be replace without any tools in a 5 minutes.

    Shut the water off, take lid off, remove the flapper valve from the plunger handle, the gasket fits around the hole in the bottom of the tank. Over time they get old, warped and won't make a good seal and water will leak through, into the bowl, but not fast enough to cause a flush.

    No idea what the repair guy did in order to cause the toilet to leak, maybe the water line into the bowl, as it must be turned off to the repair. The valve there can leak if tighten either way too tight.
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    Reminds me of the ex's lips...
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    Problem fixed
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    I'm confused. Does your dorm have its own bathroom?

    When I was in college, there was a row of about 10 stalls, mostly without doors, and half filled with vomit.
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    Lol, I feel your pain!

    I'm the one who usually fixed these problems myself.
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