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Plus Uno

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    Hey all! I finally decided to code a puzzle kind-of game I came up with a few weeks ago and I would love it if you tried it. Let me know what you think ;) (It's hosted in my github page):

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    Nice game. It took a bit of playing to figure out the rules from what you described.

    Are you going to share the source code? or what language its written in?
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    @Marioqwe Your game is as entertaining as 2048! :smile:
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    Have you looked at Elm programming? It would be interesting to see how streamlined your game would be in Elm's terse style.

    Elm is a functional reactive programming language that compiles to javascript+html+css

    www.elm-lang.org and www.elm-tutorial.org

    Also @Borg should see this too.
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    I had never heard of it and it actually looks pretty cool. I'll certainly play around with it sometime.
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    There's a youtube video to watch by Evan Czapick, Wlm's creatori:

    The coolest feature is the Time Traveling debugger where you can replay your interactions with the Elm program and then correct things as needed.
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    I'll have to see if I have some time tomorrow or this weekend.
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    I'm gonna check that out to, i really want to learn for to script. Its actually what i want to become in the future (game developer). Already starting to learn on a website called "code academy". If you know another sites that are for learning scripting PLS MESSAGE ME IT, Thanks o0).
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