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Pluto mission still on

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    Looking through my old emails, I saw that on Sept 2, the mission was in jeopardy of being canceled. But the Planetary Society and others revived it.
    http://www.planetary.org/html/UPDATES/Pluto/bond-mikul-thanks.html [Broken]

    I may get an ulcer from this on-again-off-again mission.
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    Now if only 1% - no, let's not be greedy, 0.01% - of the budget devoted to manned space flight (NASA WARNING: Flying in the Shuttle KILLS!) were devoted to planetary exploration by robots ....
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    That's great, and to think they could've scrapped even that
    one when they wan'na throw away billions on stupid
    and pointless programs like this Orbital Space Plane crap.

    Live long and prosper.
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    Yeah, I was pretty thrilled to hear that news, too. I'm hoping this mission will answer some questions of Pluto's composition (and maybe a few Kuiper Belt objects) to help support or refute my own model of Solar System formation.
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