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Plz correct the circuit!

  1. Nov 30, 2009 #1
    Here i m using a simulation software, but it showing me problem.
    the software is showing 1.80 micro voltss at negative terminal which should be zero. Plz see image.


    Is software is doing some mistake or i have little knowledge?
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    The current seems to be slightly wrong too. I get 1.83333 Amps, not 1.80.

    Should the negative terminal of the battery be grounded?

    Try moving your probe to the negative terminal to fix the very small voltage error. Maybe the program assigns a small resistance to the connecting wires?
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    I moved prob to all most every place of negative terminal on that time but it was showing the same result.

    Here i found another thing in the software. Its plotting graph with an error.
    I applied RMS 10 Ac as you can see in the pic but it plotting graph more than 10 volts. Is it plotting RMS value or Volts. :cry:
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    If that 10 volts was 10 volts RMS, then the peak value will be 14.14 volts ie 10 times the square root of 2.

    Did you try earthing some point of the previous circuit? Like the negative terminal of the battery? I have a simulation program that insists on having some point in the circuit earthed.
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    ya this time i got it. formula is Emax=Erms/.707
    if we put RMS value of 10 and then divide it to .707 then we get 14.14 Volts. Ya the software is right. Thanks for that
    second, is i haven't grounded the previous circuit, my software don't insist me. But i will try to ground it. Can you plz give me the image that how to ground.
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    You should be able to place a ground symbol, and then add a wire to connect it.
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    An earth symbol looks like this:

    earth symbol.PNG
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