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Homework Help: Plz help me For these physic problems

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    Plz help me For these physic problems!!

    Plz help me For these physic problems!! Plz give me the solutions. Thank you.

    1. Vertically polarized light is passed through three successive polaroid filters. The transmission axes are at 30, 60, and 30 degrees to the vertical. What percentage of the light gets through?

    2. What value of n is associated with the lyman series line in hydrogen with lamda = 96 nm? Could it be any other series? Explain?
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    Annie, no one is going to "give" you the solutions. I'll give you a hint for #1 though.

    1) Look for a relationship between light intensity and polarizer angle. Then realize that the output intensity from one polarizer is the input intensity for the next polarizer in sequence (but be careful with the angle on the successive polarizers).
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