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Homework Help: Plz help me in this Laser Problem

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    Plz help me in this laser problem!

    2. The energy level diagram of Cr+3 ion is shown. ruby Lasers have less chromium ions in aluminium oxide.

    A) what wavelength is emitted by ruby laser?
    B) What energy photons can pump chromium atoms in a ruby laser from the ground state to its second and third excited state?

    Here is the fig for this question:

    _______________________ 3.0 eV

    _______________________ 2.3 eV

    _______________________ 1.79 eV
    Metastable State

    Ground State

    Thanks in advance
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    Doc Al

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    Well, what do you think the answers are?
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    PLz help me i want heeeeeeeeeelp
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