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Plz Help, regarding breathable material

  1. Aug 20, 2010 #1
    Eager young mind at work

    im trying to come up with a concept of a suit that you ware at work, the main purpose is to let you have in on (like a uniform) but with a different design and material i have done some research but lets face it unless there is a different browser out there that im not aware of; Google and Yahoo is not cutting it for me. (short of calling/investigating different corps.)

    Now this is the issue. Im looking for an inside/outside ware sort of like MILATEX™ or GORE-TEX® material but just less robust and more like a tight woven cotton/polyester suit however it needs to have some of the same traits as the other do like water repellent but not too dense that it affects your body temp. example more inside ware than a true affective outside ware, kind of like a wet suit but more affective in a common sense. if there are any ideas i would be most grateful.
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    Problem is that this sort of specific information is worth real money and much of it isn't in the public domain.
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    I have an ultra-lightweight and breathable poncho made by DriDucks. It says it's made from 100% polypropalene, which has been around for decades. It's quite comfortable, and if if there were a single piece suit, say coveralls made of the stuff, I think it would work quite well. It might be a little warm, but nice.
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    ok ty, I’m trying to make something like a star trek suit but NOT, and i have some ideas into making it into a uniform for EMS and so forth however more like under uniform, so more inside ware but outer ware too just not heavy duty. so ill take a look, if any other ideas come to mind please let me know, its still a work in progress.

    on the same note can anyone explain and give me an idea how to make a auto unlock for doors and such, like (i forget what car(s) can auto unlock a car door when u get in proximity to it) auto unlock. hope I’m not being to vague.
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