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Plz I need ur Help : Wheel speed

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    Plz I need ur urgent Help : Wheel speed

    what is the wheel speed in an axial compressor ?
    for example when we say that the axial velocity remains constant and equal to the wheel speed of U = 50 m/s?
    Does this refer to the rotational speed , or just a value for the axial velocity ?

    Please I need your urgent Help as soon as possible .

    Thanks In advance
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    Wow , many views but no answer ??
    I dont hink it is a difficukt question although I didnt know it :)
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    That will, most likely, be the linear tip speed. It can't be rotational velocity with units of m/s.
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    The wheel speed of a compressor is generally the rotational speed (if memory serves me correctly). However, like Fred pointed out, it is normally not in m/s but rather radians/s. Are you taking it out of context perhaps?

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