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: PM Generator in Reverse

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    URGENT: PM Generator in Reverse

    If you have a permanent magnet generator being driven by a turbine and the generator outputs some power level, how would the configuration of a generator change if it is suppose to drive a turbine's compressor stage with the same power?

    I think the meaning is how would one change the generator to a motor that supplies the same output power.

    I just don't understand applying electrical power to the stator would make a PM rotor move.

    Any details would be appreciated.
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    Re: URGENT: PM Generator in Reverse

    "Generators" with permanent magnet (PM) rotors run well as dynamos but not as motors. The dynamo would require some way of commutating (reversing) the stator current depending on the rotor angle. This is done in BLDC (brushles dc) motors that either have a Hall Effect sensor, or use a stator coil induced voltage (from rotor) sensor to commutate the stator current.
    Bob S
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