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PM problem

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    I got about 20 PM's saying "Alert: Your emails are bouncing back". They're probally form when I was trying to get password back. I deleted some of them and I have a big problem:
    What's the problem?
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    :bugeye: Your PM inbox should have filled up long before that!

    First, at least until Greg or Chroot sees this to fix it, see if you have email notifications turned on. If you do, turn it off and see if that at least stops you from getting MORE of those alerts. That still doesn't resolve why you have managed to accumulate over 3500 PMs when you're only supposed to get something like 25 or 50 max, but maybe it will stem the tide until help arrives.
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    I shouldn't be getting anymore I think it was form when I couldn't password back. I think I already have it off.
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    Has anyone looked at the problem yet?
    I need to send a PM.
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