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PMP certification

  1. Nov 5, 2013 #1
    People are required to acquire at least 35 PDU before taking the test. The course includes management of (time, budget, quality, human resources, communication, risks etc). But all are theories. I am thinking to take one but I may not take the test because it costs too much (> USD 500). Do you think I should follow the course or is it enough if I only read some books about it ? Thank you.
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    The PMP Certification is binary. Either you have it or you don't. "Read some books about it" won't cut any ice with employers who are looking for a PMP-certified PM. On the other hand, if your primary job is not as a PM then you might get some benefit from casual study.

    I disagree w/ your statement "But al are theories". Many of the practices taught in PMP are NOT theoreis they are empirically valid rules. A really good one is this: Quality, budget, schedule. Pick 2. You can't have all three. The Obambacare webside folks were forced by political consideration to pretend that they could have all three so ended up with a train wreck.
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