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Pmt voltages

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    Hi Friends

    What happend when one phase link of HT blowout from hv side of pmt. What happen with LT side.

    Thanks a lot
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    Did it lower voltage on secondary side on any single phase?
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    jim hardy

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    Whatever are you talking about ? I thought HT Blowout was a punk band.
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    I think we need less acronyms and more information.
    You have lost one protection fuse link to the transformer HV primary.
    Why might you have lost one phase? Lightning strike or transformer failure?

    What happens to the secondary will depend on;

    You have HV, 3 phase to the primary of a transformer.
    Does it have a star with neutral at centre or is it isolated delta connected?

    You have LV, 3 phase from the transformer secondary.
    Is it a star with earthed neutral?

    It only takes three wires to maintain 3 phases, one can be neutral.
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    Sorry for less information post,

    well,fuse link or drop out link, lost by some reason ,
    and secondary LV star with earthed neutral and primary HV isolated delta connected.

    what will happen on secondary LV if PMT lost one phase of HV/PRIMARY. and other 2 are healthy in delta connected hv,

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    The loss of one of the three connections to the primary removes phase information from the transformer. The secondaries will then have relative phases of 0° or 180°.

    The three secondary outputs should continue to provide power, but two will have reduced voltage amplitudes.
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    sir. Why amplitudes reduced. Little explanation please...
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