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Pn and zener diode

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    When pn and zener diode is connected according to the circuit diagram(manual not diode box,ie, by connecting wires) it shows great fluctuations and readings cant be able to take. What may be the reason for this and how can i rectify?
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    Welcome AJ - but you have to provide more info..
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    I mean, when measuring 0v -0mA then .1v-0mA then 0.2v-0mA then 0.3v-100mA then 0.4v- 500mA ,thats the final range (500mA) for milli ammmeter. So how can i take readings after 0.3v?
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    If you read up on a current divider - you can make a small circuit to extend the range of your ammeter. The data above looks valid for a diode. Note the diode also has a current limit - , so a voltage dropping resistor may also be important to look into....
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    Thanks windact. Any simple circuit diagram is available?
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