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Pneumatic Cylinder !

  1. Aug 2, 2012 #1
    Hi :)

    What size of double act pneumatic cylinder I need to lift 200 Lbs. of weight, if I have got 10 bars air compressor!

    All I need for a short stroke 1-3" maximum!

    Any special formula or calculations for that!

    Thank you,
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    Force = Pressure X Area
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    Now I am in final year of engineering. I wanted to do a project on air compressed vehicle ( want to run the vehicle using pneumatic energy ). Any suggestions would be more helpful to me. Advance thanks to whom are ready to share their views :)
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    Find out the area of piston to decide the cylinder size..
    Area = Force / Pressure = 200/ 145 = 1.379 sq. inch

    You need a pneumatic cylinder with a piston dia of 1.5 inch considering the FOS.

    Your stroke depends on the height you wanna lift your mass.

    Hope it will help
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