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Pocket watch infinite energy

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    if you have, let's say, a pocket watch. and somehow using and infinite energy, it travel at a light speed and still working properly. now if relatively to us, is the clock ticking.
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    Questions involving physical impossibilities don't have any answers.

    - Warren
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    It is an impossibility to answer, but we can answer the next best thing, which is what happens as we approach that condition.

    If the stopwatch is moving but you are not, you will observe its time slowing down. The nearer it approaches c, the slower it will go.

    (Thus, if you wished to extrapolate that to the speed of light, you can probably deduce the result, though, as chroot says, it's physically impossible.)

    This is relativity 101. Any primer will answer most of your questions.
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    There is no question mark. THIS IS NOT A QUESTION. It is another poem!!@! The second in just a couple of days.

    So much wonderful literature,
    here in theory development.
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    sorry Locrian, just the punctuation and please also forgive my 'wonderful' spelling and grammer.

    what i am actually thinkin is that if the clock stops ticking, it mean's that for a photon there is no 'time'. and when there is no 'time' then a photon cannot move. and are all about talking about C. can any one explain that ?
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    "for a photon there is no 'time'". Ding!
    "and when there is no 'time' then a photon cannot move." Bzzt!

    Photons do not experience time. They do move - at the speed of light. You cannot think of them like normal particles that experience a change in position over a length of time. They are a fundamental particle and they are tied up with the fundamental speed of light and fundamental spacetime.
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