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Podkletnov Resurfaces

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    Pure specualtion but NASA did spend alot of money trying to replicate his alleged experiments (and failed). I would undstand if this post is deleted but thought it important to mention it. I think it shows more about his credability about doping an interview with this website more than anything else.

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I think the key statement made near the end of the interview is this:
    Although the interviewer tries to spin this as a positive - as if this represents some great accomplishment - the correct translation is, “not reproducible”; in other words, boloney.

    I would love it if this guy was on the level but he is [almost certainly] a charlatan. I can see no reason to believe him.
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    yeah looks like he is a charlatan sadly, although i still think anti-gravity machines are a reality and have been for some time.
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