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Poetry and Philosophy

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    Poetry was always meant to be an instrument of immense power with a scarcely foreseeable but wholly positive future. Is it due to this ‘scarcely foreseeable future’ of poetry that Sewell alludes to, that seems to limit the role of poetry in modern philosophy -Elizabeth Sewell, The Orphic Voice: Poetry and Natural History, Yale UP, New Haven, 1960, p.51.

    A new Orpheus has come with golden touch
    to soften steel and find the mystic bone,
    to tame the tiger, uncover mysterious stone,
    create new leviathan, to dance on sand,
    to draw all things to Him, especially man.

    This new Orpheus Who sings for all
    to science, philosophy and poetry,
    He has come and issued His clear call,
    having been raised up by some
    Most Great Spirit descended,
    personated by a Maiden and I
    have heard this Orpheus’ call.

    It is this call that makes me yearn
    toward a philosophic song and
    cherish those times when time is reborn,
    when a certain luminosity, deep coolness,
    takes me back to myself, turning the visible
    into the invisible and some inner breath.

    This wondrous Orpheus of this new age
    urges a harmony of science and poetry.
    Dear Wordsworth did in his The Prelude
    strike this harmonic chord and describe
    an organic growth, its unity, timelessness
    and ours in the exquisite chamber,
    the deep recesses of my heart,
    the seat of the revelation of
    the inner mysteries of Vision,
    of God, of Mystery.
    It is here that we must free ourselves
    of the shadowy and ephemeral attachments,
    to hear the piercing sweetness of music
    unloosed when we free ourselves
    of love and hate, detach and renounce
    and free our tongues from excess or idle speech
    and imbue ourselves with such a spirit of search
    that Orpheus, like some Mystic Herald
    from the City of God, will endow us
    with a new heart , a new mind, a new eye
    and a new ear and we will gaze
    with the eye of God. :eek:

    Ron Price
    24 September 1995
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