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Poetry review?

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    I realize this is insanely out of place on the physics forums but:

    Does anyone know of a way to submit poetry for review/critique whether by peers or professionals without being scammed by the numerous sites on the net? I've been looking for a while now and figured maybe someone here could help - or hell if you guys aren't too opposed to the idea maybe i could just post it in this thread if anyone wants to take a crack at me =).
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    Yeah, give us a taste.
    There's also plenty of poetry forums for that purpose and more. You may have to search around to find a good group of people (like here at PF :biggrin: ). I was on a very nice one (and several lame ones), but I can't remember the name of it. Everypoet looks promising.
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    one of my favorite sites used to be zoetrope.com. this is a site Francis Ford Coppola's movie studio came up with. It is designed for writers and actors. They have a poetry section. If you want to submit your poem for critique you need to read and critique 5 poems. Then you are allowed to post yours. I submitted several short stories there and got some invaluable help.
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    www.writingforums.com has people that may be able to critique your work. I can attempt to review your poem, but I'm not exactly a poet.
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    Hey guys thanks for all the help! I really appreciate it =). For the record here is one of my poems -

    hold me here, in light
    beyond the darkness hollow
    fly me now on lucid wings
    away from charnel depths agape
    to somewhere stars cant follow

    to sighing creek of juniper trees
    take me there where sparrows' wings beat effervescent in june
    take me there where indigo waters coallesce in failing light
    upon mighty shores fiery as deepest bloom

    be with me there
    and I will show you darkness more brilliant than the sun
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    how's your self esteem?
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    My first thought was that your poem has good rhythm. After analyzing it, I believe that you may be limiting the angles from which you portray your theme. Furthermore, some of your imagery is weak and conflicting. I can give you a detailed analysis later tonight or tommorow depending on time.
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