Poincaré Conjecture proven?

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  2. It simply says "may", it still isn't confirmed whether he claimed the Clay prize.
  3. Right. I just thought in case you hadn't seen that article, that you would like too.
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    why don't you read the articels and find out?
  5. I have read it; one of them is a year old, and the other is two.
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    "Russian may have solved great math mystery"

    Heh. After over a year I still think that is the dumbest title I've ever seen
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    if you have read it, can you tell us if you believe the proof is correct?
  9. The articles themselves do not offer any details about the proof.
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    do you mean the proof is not published?
  11. As far as I can see (from the articles), Perelman did not publish his results in any journals, and only circulated them to mathematicians whom he knows. Consequently, he is not technically eligible for the Clay prize, but there is word that Clay may eventually make an exception in his case. That was last year; I haven't any more recent news.
  12. He probably is not doing it for the money though. Maybe that's why he's doing it the way he is doing it.
  13. He definitely isnt doing it for money and isnt publicising it either. He had declared so earlier or so i read in one of the articles once. (Quite contrary to Mr De Branges :p). The proof is believed to be correct and i think it would be under controlled review for some more time, before it is published.

    You may read a nice review of the conjecture and the proposed proof here,

    I daresay, i understand that (i mean its all greek to me). But still a nice read, if u are to able to read "Unabridged Dictionary" as "Under the bridge with dick and harry". :)

    -- AI
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