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Point charge moving in a magnetic field question

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    "A proton with a speed 10^7 m/s enters a region of a uniform magnetic field B = .8 T, which is into the page. The angle is 60º Find the angle 'fi' and distance d"

    "which is into the page."

    What the heck does that mean!?
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    The lines of magnetic force are conceived as running perpendicular to the page on which the diagram is drawn, and their direction is "into" rather than "out from" the page. So if everything in the plane diagram is referred to an x-y-coordinate system, the magnetic field will be directed along the z-axis.
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    I had a hunch it meant that, but why didnt it say z directly...anyway, how do I go about solving it?
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    I don't understand the question. The angle and distance of what?

    In any case, I'm sure you'll need to know how to find the force on that charge:

    F = q V x B
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