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Homework Help: Point charges

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    There are two point charges q1 located at (4,0,-3) and q2 at (2,0,1) if q2=4nC find q1 such that the force on a test charge at (5,0,6) has no x-component. I think I would know how to do this problem if I knew what a test charge was. Is it just one electron.
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    The point is that doesn't matter what the charge is (as long as it's not zero). If you were to place a charge [itex]q_3[/itex] at (5, 0, 6) what would [itex]q_1[/itex] have to be in order that the force acting on [itex]q_3[/itex] due to the electric field produced by [itex]q_1[/itex] and [itex]q_2[/itex] would give zero x component.
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    thanks for your help
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