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Point entity?

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    why we take electrons as point particles? just because of its magnetic moment?
    maybe there is something wrong with the idea of the magnetic moment of a point charge.
    i appreciate if you help.
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    So far, we have no experimental evidence (from high-energy scattering experiments, for example) that electrons have structure or a finite size. All we can do so far is find upper limits on the size of an electron.

    For example, see http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0002172 which uses an experiment at LEP to set an upper limit of about [itex]10^{-19}[/itex] m for the electron radius. (That doesn't mean that they actually found such a size, it just means that if the electron has a size, it must be smaller than that or else they would have "seen" it.)
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