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Point of detachment

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    I am a Horticulture grad student and I have a scenario which could be explained by concepts in physics. Since I have a little knowledge in physics, I hope to get some answers in this forum.

    I have attached the picture of the citrus leaf for better understanding. There are two points where detachment can take place (AZ1 and AZ2). I sprayed with a chemical to loosen the tissues at these points and when I measured the detachment force, the reduction in detachment force was same at both these points. But still the leaf blade falls off first at AZ2 and only after few hours, the petiole drops at AZ1. I thought that it might be related to the weight of these tissues (leaf blade weighs about 600 mg and petiole weighs about 40 mg). But still if the two points loosen at the same time shouldn't the leaf blade and petiole detach together at AZ1 since the weight of leaf blade and petiole is heavier than the weight of leaf blade alone? It might be related to a simple concept, but any response will be very much appreciated.


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