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B Pointer states as primitives

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    Someday if there are experiments that can show it.. it's still a possibility that in Quantum Darwinism or Everettian, pointer states are primitives? This means if there are no pointer states. The universe wont be classical at all.

    Because there are arguments that they have to conform to orthodox quantum, meaning observations are primitives and not pointer states.. but this is believed simply because Quantum mechanics started that way? Or is there a theorem that pointer states can never be primitive and everything needs to be categorically traditional QM where the classical world is an a priori?
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    You are using two terms "pointer states" and "primitives" in a specific context, without definition. It is hard to respond under the circumstances.
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    primitives = basic
    pointer states = preferred basis

    In Copenhagen, the classical world sets the pointer states (or prefered basis) for the instrument and quantum system.. so it automatically has classical basis like position or momentum

    In Everettian, there is no classical pointer states.. so it must be produced.

    What I'm asking is what is the proof that the classical world is the a priori. What if we have Everettian world all along with just classical pointer states. Maybe the reason we can't distinguish this by experiments is because the gravitational field is one of the sources of the position preferred basis? But this doesn't prove that classical world is the a priori.. maybe we have Everettian world with classical pointer states set by the gravitational field. Is this possible? I'll share this in lectures so need to know the case. Ty.
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    Hopefully someone else can respond. I have no background fir this material.
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