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Poisson distribution

  1. Oct 23, 2004 #1
    Hello In my text the following question is posed:

    ON a city street, car backfires are heard 8 times per hour. Use the poisson distribution to find an exact expression for the prob. that a car backfire is heard at most once in a given hour. Do not simplify or evaluate your answer.

    Now from my understanding, in the poisson distribution, mean = variance = 'parameter'

    In the question we can assume that the mean equals 8, thus letting the parameter = 8.

    A car backfire is heard at most once in a given hour.
    = Probability of hearing 0 backfires + probability of hearing 1 backfire

    = 8^0 e^(-8) / 0! + 8^1 e^(-8) / 1!
    = e^(-8) + 8e^(-8)
    = 9e^(-8)

    Is this the correct solution? Thanks for your time
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    -- AI
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    Thanks very much
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