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Poisson Lapalace

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    Hello every one and thank you in advance,
    I'm try to solve 3D Poisson equation analytically not numerically, but the help i found has the boundary conditions equal to zero, there is anyone to have a step by step process to solve Poisson and/ or Laplace 3D equation where the boundary conditions are not zero moreover those condition are depends on x, y, and z,

    looking for your help
    thank you again

    (∂^2 ψ (x,y,z))/(∂^2 x)+(∂^2 ψ (x,y,z))/(∂^2 y)+(∂^2 ψ (x,y,z))/(∂^2 z) =A(x,y,z)e^(ψ(x,y,z))
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    My course at ASU was helpful at solving similar PDE's, but I don't remember if we solved this one specifically. Here is a link to the course website, it has several notes that may prove helpful. Also, the textbook it used was okay, and took you step by step on several problems. Of course, this thread is old enough that there's probably not much use for it now, but better late than never?

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    thank very much

    thank very much I'm still trying to solve it i will check the materials you have provided
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