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Poisson Process Probability Question Help

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    I'm having a bit of trouble in coming up with the solution for this question

    A hard disk manufacturing process desposites a thin coating of magnetic material on a plastic substrate. Empirical measurement has shown that the process introduces 20 defects per 15000cm squared. A disk pack contains 800cm squared of this material. A disk pack with one defect is marketable because the disk controller can compensate for one error by using a spare location. What is the percentage of marketable disk packs produced by this process?
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    If the process introduces 20 defects per 15000 cm^2, it introduces 1.0666... defects per 800 cm^2, and then you can use the Poisson directly.
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    Thank you for the help. The answer I got using the Poisson Process eqn was .94470. Is this correct?
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