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B Poisson's ratio

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    In poisson's ratio

    If we are stretching a a 3d rectangle
    L is hight
    A,B are the length and width
    Starching it in the L direction so thats the longitudinal strain we are making
    Why does the transverse strain in the "a " side equals the strain in "b" side
    So like that we can both use ∆a/a or ∆b/b
    To get the transverse strain ?
    I mean why is ∆a/a=∆b/b ..
    Please in a simple way first , sorry for bad English or typos, I'm using my phone to submit this. Thx all.
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    The bar of rectangular cross section is in a state of homogeneous stress. What is the stress in the “a” direction? What is the stress in the “b” direction?
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