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Poker Players popup ads spamming

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    Okay, so everybody gets these popup ads (IE users especially), win this, free that, and of course it's all bs. But I have actually encountered such an offer that is not bs. This pertains to poker players who play or who would like to try to play online.

    Now I know this is borderline spamming, but I am not affiliated with the site at all besiders being a member, and this offer is just too good not to share with my fellow PFers who happen to be poker players, so I thought I'd post it.

    Anyways I'll spare you the details but after signing up for this service, a few days later you recieve 75 bucks free, and upon playing for a few hours you can cash out and are given 25 bucks more. It's unbelievable. No credit card or anything.

    I won't post a link here because that would be spamming I think, but if the offer sounds interesting to you, give me a pm and I'll send you some information.

    If you can play poker at all it's basically free money. And if you like playing online you can keep on getting other deals and other free stuff.

    Anyways, if you're interested, pm me.

    Edit: If an admin classifies this as spamming I'm sorry, close it right away.
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    Just thought I'd bump this up in case anybody hasn't seen it.

    To date, playing for maybe 12 hours in total over two weeks, I've turned no money into about 650$C, and I have a chipset, a couple poker books, a golf shirt and a deck of KEM cards (about 20 bucks/pack) on the way.

    Anyways, the offer is still going on so if you're interested pm me.
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    I thought I'd give this a bump after four months. I never posted the links explicitly before. Here they are if you are interested:

    http://www.instantbankroll.com/ib.asp?rc=evank [Broken]

    http://www.pokersourceonline.com/pso.asp?rc=evank [Broken]
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    I thought someone might have to state the obvious for you; might as well be me. If nobody has replied to this thread in 4 or 5 months, it's a good sign people AREN'T that interested in it.
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    Actually the last time I put this up I got about ten pm's from people that were interested.

    So what you say is not totally true.
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    The phrase 'ulterior motive' springs to mind....
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    Just because I have something to gain doesn't mean you don't.
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    Sorry, time to close it.
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