Polar and non polar compounds

  1. what is the difference between polar and non polar compounds
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    One are polar, others are not?

    Question is so vague that it is hard to tell what kind of information you are looking for.
  4. that depends upon the electronegativity. if electronegativity of one element is greater than the other atom, then charge develops it is said polar compounds. if electronegativity is same, it is non polar
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    Carbon tetrachloride?
  6. Polor compounds list
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    Polor compounds list what?
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  8. There are many differences between polar and non-polar compounds

    Polar Compounds

    -dissolve in water (because water is polar and polar liquids dissolve other polar substances)
    -has an electronegetivity difference of less than 1.7
    -has a polar covalent bond
    -polar covalent bonds form when there is unequal electronegetivity because electrons spend their time closer to one atomic nucleus than another
    -includes partial positive and partial negative bond dipoles

    Non-polar compounds

    -has an electronegetivity difference of 0 resulting in a non-polar covalent bond
    -does not dissolve in any polar liquids such as water
    -charges of electrons are distrubted symmetrically among the atoms in the molecules (no electronegetivity difference)

    I hope this helps
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    Don't forget, if the dipoles
    cancel out, the molecule is nonpolar.
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