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Polar Integral Question

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    I'm not sure if I'm doing this conversion correctly. I have to convert the following double integral into polar. The integration part I can do, I just want to make sure I converted correctly. And sorry about the formatting bc I don't kno how to do the math formatting.

    the bounds on the outer integral are -1 to 1
    the bounds on the inner integral are -sqrt(1-y^2) to sqrt (1-y^2)

    now here is what I got converting it to polar

    outer bounds = 0 to 2pi
    inner bounds = 0 to 1

    Did I do the conversion correctly?
    Thanks for the help
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    Lookin' good, but in the first integral the bounds on the inner integral should be -sqrt(1-x^2) to sqrt (1-x^2).
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