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Polar Winds

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    Recently I read a research about Polar wins saying that million of kilos of our atmosphere (Hydrogen, Helium and Oxygen) left the planet via North Pole. May be possible to build a hot hydrogen balloon to leave the planet via North Polo Win??
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    Re: Polar Wins

    The only "polar winds" of which I am aware are those that circulate air around the arctic and antarctic regions. These winds move millions of kilos of atmosphere out of the polar regions, toward the equator, but they do not remove atmosphere from the planet. Where did you read that these gasses are leaving the planet? Could you provide a reference? Perhaps you missread something, and it actually says that atmosphere leaves the North Pole, rather than leaving the planet via the North Pole?
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    Re: Polar Wins

    This information I got from Brazilian site: http://www.inovacaotecnologica.com....-perdida-no-espaco-anualmente&id=010805090103

    They give as reference the following:

    Earths ionospheric outflow dominated by hidden cold plasma

    Nature Geoscience
    January 2009
    Vol.: 2, 24 - 27 (2009)
    DOI: dx.doi.org/10.1038/NGEO387


    This week they have other news: The earth is acquiring atmosphere (Hydrogen, Helium and Oxygen of gas Tsunamis coming from sum when a solar explosion happens.

    STEREO Observations of Energetic Neutral Atoms
    Astrophysical Journal Letters
    Vol.: In Press


    Are they wrong?? If they are right how much feasible is my theory??
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