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Polarisation of light! help please!

  1. Mar 31, 2005 #1
    i have a question about polarisation of light. how can you tell if light is polarized, unpolarized or partially polarized ?
    hope someone can answer this for me please! :D
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    use a polarizer ;)
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    Using a polaroid sunglass or something like that, will tell you if it's polarized. If the amount of light transmitted changes when you turn the polaroid glass, then the light is polarized.

    When the amount of transmitted light is maximal, then the glass has it's axis in line with the polarization of the light.

    If the light is entirely polarized, the minimum amount of transmitted light should theoretically be zero. If the amount of light transmitted at the minimum is not entirely zero, then the light is partially polarized. In reality only laserlight is 100% polarized and there are very few materials (maybe none, does anyone know?) that block all light that doesn't strike it at it's polarization axis. There are very few (or none) perfect polarization materials.
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