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Polarisation-why and what for

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    They say that when 2 unequal ions of different sizes approach;the smaller ion attracts the bigger's electrons..now of course they are talking about the smaller one's nucleus,then why not that ion's electrons..will they not repel the other ion's electrons? and why not the other way round-the bigger attracting/repelling the smaller..? And even if we assume there is a net attraction and the bigger(anion) gets a bit distorted,then how is it ever going to affect/alter the former capability of the anion of losing electron(s) and out of nowhere impact sharing(co-valent) character to it?
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    No, the positively charged ions attracts electrons of the negative one. Size is irrelevant.

    That is - it is relevant, but it is not the size that defines what attracts what.
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    Ok got that thank you.

    But then again how does the attraction impart covalent character?
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