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Polarity of Nitrate

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    Is nitrate a polar or non-polar molecule? I understand that it has a trigonal planer shape (and therefore it has symmetry) but should we also consider the double bond (do multiple bonds destroy symmetry)? I assume it would be polar because it is SOLUBLE in WATER, however, after viewing many links online, many people say it is non-polar
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    Resonance distributes the negative charge, so it's not constrained to any oxygen in particular. This makes the entire outside negative, so there's no polarity.
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    Oh okay, but why is it soluble in water?
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    It's not polar, but it's still charged. Why are singular ions soluble in water? Na+ on its own isn't polar, but it's very soluble.
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    hydrogen bonding and entropy effects contribute to the Gibbs free energy of the process of dissolution. Its thermodynamically favorable for it to dissolve, and there is also a kinetic pathway available. What more could one want ? :)
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