Polarity of Nitrate

  1. Is nitrate a polar or non-polar molecule? I understand that it has a trigonal planer shape (and therefore it has symmetry) but should we also consider the double bond (do multiple bonds destroy symmetry)? I assume it would be polar because it is SOLUBLE in WATER, however, after viewing many links online, many people say it is non-polar
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  3. Resonance distributes the negative charge, so it's not constrained to any oxygen in particular. This makes the entire outside negative, so there's no polarity.
  4. Solubility

    Oh okay, but why is it soluble in water?
  5. It's not polar, but it's still charged. Why are singular ions soluble in water? Na+ on its own isn't polar, but it's very soluble.
  6. hydrogen bonding and entropy effects contribute to the Gibbs free energy of the process of dissolution. Its thermodynamically favorable for it to dissolve, and there is also a kinetic pathway available. What more could one want ? :)
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