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Homework Help: Polarizing Sunglasses physics problem

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    Sunlight illuminates a 2mm hole in the blinds and falls on Polarizing Sunglasses. A plastic linear polarizer is placed (between the blinds and the sunglasses) ahead of the sunglasses with the lines aligned horizontally at time = 0. At this time the polarizer is rotated in a clockwise direction at a rate of 360 degrees per second.The sunlight has lambda ranges between 400nm and 700nm and intensity of 1kW/m^2.

    a) after 0.5 seconds will the light that passes through the polairzer be half right hand circular polarized? Explain what the polarization will be as a function of time

    well since it is rotated at 360 degrees for second after 180 degrees half of the beam has been polarized (right?) Would this be a sinusoidal function??

    b) as a function of times plot the intensity and power of the light that falls on the sunglasses
    would hte intensity be a constant function??
    Wouldnt the power too be a constant function??

    c) Plot the intensitry of the light that makes it through the glasses
    Wouldnt it be a constant function as well??

    d) Write down the expression for the elctric field at time = 0.625s that reaches the sunglasses for the wavelength = 514nm.
    after 0.625s the axis has covered 225 degrees so beta - alpha = 45 degrees

    it isnt specified whether this is a half wave or quarter wave plate
    would i use this formula
    [tex] E = E_{0} [cos(\alpha) cos(\beta - \alpha) + sin(\alpha) sin(\beta-\alpha)] [/tex]

    and both alphab ad beta - alpha = 45 degrees or pi/4 radians?

    What is the value for omega and k? omega = 2pi / T - 2pi / 1 = 2pi?
    k = 2 pi / v but what is v? the speed of light?

    im guessing that the polarizer used in a full wave or a half wave plate because a subsequent question starts using a quarter wave plate
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