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Pole changing method

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    I was going through pole changing methods , when I was studying this given figure , I am quite confused in it.. in the text a1a1' & a2a2' are considered as 2 separate coils & it is assumed that both coils are carrying clockwise current , then what that "dot" & "cross" denoting?? Is it the magnetic field according to right hand thumb rule..?? But then why in a1' & a2' the direction is outwards.. as according to right hand rule it'll be inside the plane only ..!!

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    Simon Bridge

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    You should read the diagrams in the context of the accompanying text. What does it say?

    I think you'll find that a2 and a2' are two parts of the same loop of wire. The dot and cross indicate the direction of the current in the wire.
    But I cannot see the circulation arrows properly to verify.
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    In the context it is assumed that current is circulating in clockwise direction in both the coils a1a1' & a2a2' . dot & cross can't denote current then , it must be the field.>!!!
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