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Police officers looting caught on tape

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    http://www.zippyvideos.com/8911023771013466/countdown-looting-in-walmart [Broken]

    What is the deal with looters and shoes? haha..

    I don t think i will be willing to share my home with any of these people.
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    I can only imagin how much value a DRY pair of shoes would hold. While its still "shame" on them for doing it, I would be more upset if they had been taking TV's.
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    Perhaps the demand overwhelms the supply.
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    The first time I saw that, I was pretty disgusted.

    Actually, the police trying to enforce the law aren't just commuting into and out of New Orleans. They're living in similar conditions as everyone else in New Orleans - no electricity, no food, no water, no clean clothes.

    I still think after this is over that they should be fired, but the police department might not get that chance. Quite a few that could get out, quit. The situation was too much for them. It's a really bad situation in New Orleans and I'm not sure much going on there can be put into any sort of context.
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    What context? they are stealing shoes..etc? Do you really think these people need ten pairs of shoes? I am still wearing my shoes, and i bought them three years ago. These are simply unacceptable behaviors. They should be lock in a cave for their lack of civility.
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    I'm sure many women will object to such statements! lol :D

    But cave... no... jail, yes
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    Good shoes, eh? How well do they hold up wading around in flood water for a few days?

    I think they have to be fired, but I'm not even sure about that. Firing them is based on the fact that if the police resort to looting, then things have sunk to the point of hopelessness. Pretending the police didn't have to resort to looting for food and water may just be denying how bad the situation in New Orleans has been.

    I don't think I'd be pressing criminal charges against very many people for the non-violent offenses. As flat out idiotic as stealing a TV in a flooded city with no electricity might be, I don't even think those offenses would be worth prosecuting.
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