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News Policy Differences

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    Republican Party and Democrat Party form the two most prominent parties in the United States. Republicans are basically considered conservative whereas Democrats are considered liberal. The party’s have different view points and opinions regarding certain important issues like marriage, abortion, guncontrol etc, which has led to much controversy. Some of the controversial issues and the respective party’s standpoint on them is given below:
    Abortion: The Democrats believe that Abortion is the woman's right to choose and should therefore be legal. Republics hold that it should not be legal and the government should restrict it as such.
    Gun Control Laws: As per Democrats, More gun control laws are needed to address a seemly growing problem with guns. Republicans oppose more gun control laws, citing that it's not what the Constitution calls for.
    Taxes: The Democrats believe that the people with the most money should pay the most taxes, tax increases are mostly good whereas Republicans believe the entire economy can benefit if taxes remain relatively low, tax cuts are the way to go.
    Flag Burning: Democrats claim that Flag burning is acceptable because it falls under freedom of speech and Republicans say that Flag burning is unacceptable and is not what the constitution intended.
    Natural Environment: Democrats believe the environment need to be protected and it's the government's job to enforce laws against harming the environment whereas as per Republicans, there should be environment laws but shouldn’t be too strong as it could do more harm than good.
    Gay Rights: Democrats are usually in favor of gay’s rights and believe that it's a part of their civil rights to be with whom ever they choose whereas Republicans tend to hold the view that marriage should be between people of the opposite sex, not the same.

    The war between the two parties is known throughout the history and world. The races which have seen stiff competition among the two include http://www.deanforcongress.com/ nd Congressional District. The district saw the democrats occupy the seat in the last election, after a republican reign of 20 years.
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