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Polishing mirror

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    I have been working on making a pair of matched 200mm f6 primary mirrors. I have been using Texereau as a guide. I think I have finished fine grinding. I would like to find someone near middle Tennessee to look at my work and offer advice, especially as I begin polishing.
    Any Ideas?
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    Are you making a 200 mm newtonian bino?
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    Exactly!!! I am still looking for a mentor on the polishing, however.

    I never could decide between planetary and rich-field so that's why f6. Of course I would like something bigger, but you know how it is...
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    You'd have a good chance finding somebody who can help in an amateur astronomy group in your area. They are very likely to have members who have made their own telescopes and possibly who have ground mirrors before. Try attending one of their group meetings or star parties, and ask around with the people there.

    A quick google search on:
    > tennessee amateur astronomy

    came up with the following 2 groups

    Middle Tennessee Astronomical Society (MTSU / Memphis area)

    Memphis Astronomical Society (probably not close to you)

    If these are not located near you then you might call them anyway, they might know of a group closer to where you live.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, the tnsky website looks promising.
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    I checked that site again, and now realize it is 4 years out of date! Hope they are still an active group, even if they're not updating their website.

    Found this contact info for the group:

    p.s. I should have said MTSU / Nashville area before, but you probably figured that out.
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