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News Political Compass

  1. Sep 20, 2005 #1
    Where do you fall?

    Near Stalin? Near Thatcher?
    Near Gandi? Near Bush?


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  3. Sep 20, 2005 #2
    I'm actually in the very far corner of left libertarianism. Heh, there are no famous people even close to me.
  4. Sep 20, 2005 #3
    me too... well near Gandi actually

    Economic Left/Right: -5.88
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.56
  5. Sep 20, 2005 #4
    Really interesting mine is

    Economic Left/Right: 6.25
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.72
  6. Sep 20, 2005 #5

    actly where I would have put you Smurf
  7. Sep 20, 2005 #6
    Pretty accurate compass... :smile:
  8. Sep 20, 2005 #7
    Whats with the big 1st letter
  9. Sep 20, 2005 #8
    you screwed it up!!!!!

    Next comes the O and then the S and then the T.....since it was a repost!!!!
  10. Sep 20, 2005 #9


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    Roughly at Nelson Mandela's position.
  11. Sep 20, 2005 #10
    heh. I'm -9.8 and -8.9

    beat you by a mile.
  12. Sep 20, 2005 #11


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    Glad to see this site is still in business. They had some new questions, but I still wound up in the same place as before, a little southwest of the origin, but not too far.
  13. Sep 20, 2005 #12


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    There are, however, questions where the phrasing is bad.
    For example, by making rehabilitation vs. punishment into the big issue when mapping attitudes toward criminals, one disregards that some might actually regard the safety of the general public (by removing a dangerous individual) as more important than either of the offered alternatives (a fourth concern might be to deter others from doing similar acts in the future).
  14. Sep 20, 2005 #13
    Around the same place as before, close to the center, always more right than authoritan.

    Your political compass
    Economic Left/Right: -1.25
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.36
  15. Sep 20, 2005 #14


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    There are some really crappy questions in this test, like this: There are no savage and civilised peoples; there are only different cultures. Can't there be both? And what exactly does one's view on abstract art have to do with politics?

    Anyway, I got:

    Economic Left/Right: 3.25
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.85

    Which I think is a little different than last time, though still in the same quadrant. Interestingly enough, not a single person on the international chart is even in the same quadrant as me. Great to know that not a single world leader represents my interests.
  16. Sep 20, 2005 #15
    hey but at least you are as right wing as Hitler ;-) hehe (j/king of course)
  17. Sep 20, 2005 #16
    It says I'm between Gandalf and Captian Picard.

    Stupid on-line questionnaires.
  18. Sep 20, 2005 #17
    IIRC something like -3.5 and -3.5. No surprise.

    Townsend I thought your color code was for red republican, blue democrat, green environmentalist...... And you addressed your posts (AFAICT) accordingly. Was that intentional?
  19. Sep 20, 2005 #18
    That doesn't make any sense. He got me and Anttech mixed up. I'm the enviromentalist, he's the democrat. I hate democrats.
  20. Sep 20, 2005 #19
    The colors were intended to be politically symbolic but I wasn't trying to line them up with anyone....
  21. Sep 20, 2005 #20
    Got it buddy...
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