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News Political Guru Award goes to?

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    Who should get the faux guru award for the political forum? Who is the one person that you do NOT want to tangle with because you will end up getting schooled in the end with facts and logical argument?
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    We have someone like that here? :confused:
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    I'm sorry I come off that way. I will try to soften up in the future. Anyway, I get schooled with the facts and with logic pretty often too. When it happens, I disengage.
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    Jimmy, my comment was a commendation. Actually, it probably doesn't look to good. I didn't mean to infer that one schools others in use of facts and logic.

    I was thinking more in the frame of using/applying facts and logic (which is the proper means of disputation), rather than schooling opponents in fact and logic.

    disputation -
    1 : the action of disputing : verbal controversy <continuous disputation between them> <ideological disputations>
    2 : an academic exercise in oral defense of a thesis by formal logic

    I would be pleased to retract my vote.
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    It's no biggie, but I don't want the reputation of being "the one person that you do NOT want to tangle with" for any reason. Probably I could do more at my end to alleviate this problem.
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    The Nobel Prize is for peace, not for politics. The award should not be "who you don't want to argue with because you're scared of arguing them" but "who has the best solutions and recommendations given a particular issue".
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    Can anyone remember the last Nobel prize given for actual peace?
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    EDIT: I don't know if you're just selectively trying to "remember" controversial Nobel Peace Prizes, though I don't blame you because those the only ones that make it to the media headlines.
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    Back to '78 Sadat/Begin before getting some real peace prizes.
    '76 Williams/Corrigan - N. Ireland
    '64 M. L. King
    '53 Marshall

    Couple of the groups are worthy but I favor individuals.
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