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Political Motivations

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    What ethical theory guides the current presidential administration? Are their judgements based on religious ethics (divine command theory)? Utilitarian considerations? Egoism?
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    I think it is applied ignorance born of the blind privledge afforded the obscenely wealthy. There is no ethic. Remember, the players in this administration became wealthy, brokering oil, a planetary resource, from which a very powerful elite take profit. They are like a latter day Marie Antoinette, "What no bread? Let them eat yellow cake!" What shall we do with all this costly low level nuclear waste? Let us tip missles with it, and dump it on Iraq. No one will notice. Let us deny that there is a Gulf War Syndrome, and let us deny the new Gulf War Syndrome, when it manifests. These are the people that will be selling us air to breathe, one day.
    There is no ethic or judgement, only the appearance of moral rectitude to keep the votes coming. There is no morality in preemptive war. The divine creator, does not call on us to kill. This is the energy, weapons, and drug business; out of the control of reasonable entities.
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    Its called non-ethical, inmoral, personalism.
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    Bush often speaks of religious things. If we take him at face value, then he follows religious ethics. At the same time, any person the such a position of power necessarily makes utilitarian decisions.
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    That would be my assessment as well, except that I think Bush leans more toward the religious end to the detriment of the utilitarian. Whether that's good/bad, right/wrong...
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